The Video Center

This is the new home for displaying our family videos and slideshows. To play the videos, just click on the picture and the clip will play, or if prompted to download (Mozilla) then select whether you want to play it or download it to your computer. You can also "right click" the image and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" and save it to your computer.

The larger videos can take a couple of minutes to load before playing so please be patient.

This is a movie that was done by the lady that did a photoshoot of the kids for Edward´s Father's Day present in 2006.  
Hips Don't Lie
Happy Birthday Mummy Baba You Can Drive My Car?
Ducks in the Pool The Doody Brothers!
Rock & Roll Will Never Die! Backseat Driver?
Get Along Little Doggie Swinging Babyji
Mummy-Powered Hey Baby, Want a Ride in my New Car?!
Happy Birthday Baba Duncan´s 1st B-day
Give ´em hell Jerry Lee A little shaky...
Why am I here again?? Okay, it's a plastic turtle - want to make something of it?!
No one's going to see this, right??? Mummy's little helper